Публічний договор оферта

You have a right to refuse the order at any moment. But taking into account that we make custom dresses we ask you to pay attention to the fact that the ways of refusing depend on the stage of the order:


1. You can refuse your order without losing money if you have not made prepayment yet.


2. According to Article 702 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, you have a right to refuse your order after we have accepted it, but only on condition that expenditures of the online-shop connected with executing the order will be compensated:


• You can refuse the order, if you have already made prepayment and we have started sewing the dress, but the 25% prepayment will not be returned to you.


• You can also refuse the order within 14 days after receiving the parcel with the dress, but the shop will take 25% of the total cost of the dress.


A customer must pay the postage of the dress back. It is important to keep the dress in the same condition as it was received by you: it means that the dress must not have any signs of wearing, spots, damages, including fitting to your measurements. Otherwise the shop has a right to decline the return. Pay your attention that the shop can also decline the refusal if essential changes of the dress were made at the customer’s desire, and also if the product has been sewn by individual measures or with discount.


That is why to avoid conflict situations we ask you to make your order with responsibility and indicate your measurements correctly. We wish you successful purchases!